Monetäre Magie

Geld an sich ist ja schon pure Magie, die allerdings größtenteils im Untergrund und im Unbewussten wirkt. Verschiedene Chaos- und andere Magier haben sich dieses Missverhältnisses nun angenommen.

Im Chaosmagazin beschreibt Frater hedonistischer Brühwürfel ein diskordisches Ritual für das Finanzsystem.

Und am 7. November hat C.J. Stone eine Serie von Ritualen in der City of London organisiert, die er in seinem Blog dokumentiert (darauf aufmerksam wurde ich zuerst im Blog of Baphomet):

Money City Magic: a series of ritual events in the City of London

People think that they possess money, but we say we are possessed by it. It is an occult force, meaning that it is hidden. It works in the dark. Ritual is the means by which we call the secret forces into the circle of consciousness, so that they can be known and recognised, so that we can speak to them of our desire, so that we can bring love out into the open and release it from its bondage.

Money is the essence of all that is human. It is made by us, through our art and through our emotion, through our creativity and through our craft, through our time and through our desire, through our sacrifices for love. It is made by us so it belongs to us, to all of us.

The sum total of all wealth in the world is the sum total of all human activity, paid and unpaid, through all time on this planet. Therefore, we say, it must be free. It must be released from its confinement, in vaults and in safes, in secret hoards and offshore holdings, in bullion and bank accounts throughout the world, and made to work for us, for the fulfilment of all of our needs and desires. […]

Our world is groaning under the weight of an ever increasing debt. How can this be? A tiny elite are holding the majority of the World’s population hostage, using debt as their weapon.

Banks create money. They create money out of thin air, and then charge interest on it. What this means is that the money we have to pay back is always more than the money we borrowed. This too is a form of magic, but of the smoke and mirrors kind. If banks issued bank notes (as they have in the past) then we would see what they were up to, and stop them. As it is, they issue money as loans and mortgages, and we can’t see what they are doing. We assume the money they lend us has some reality in the form of savings but, by the magic of fractional reserve banking, they are able to issue more money than they hold in reserve. Many, many times more.

Money Transformation Speech

What is money?

Money is time. It represents all that time you have spent, in your office, in your factory, in your art, in your craft, at your desk, in your job, focussing your attention on a task of some kind, sometimes, but not exclusively, doing something that is socially useful, something that other people might appreciate.

Money is value. It is art. It is ingenuity. It is thought. It is planning. It is execution. It is service. It is giving over a part of your life to other people’s wants and needs.

Money has always been with us, since the beginning of time. Since the first human took the first steps on this planet, we’ve had money as our companion. […]

In this City, passed these gates, the wealth of the world is locked up. We want to set it free. […]

Don’t say it is just a bit of paper. It is so much more than that. It is our enabler. It is the means by which we store and distribute the value that we have made.

People without money are made desperate for it. People with too much money are made heartless and cruel.

We want to cure the wealthy of their wealth, and the poor of their poverty. Both are suffering from sicknesses of the soul.

The Royal Proclamation

Let all debts be forgiven. Let all forfeitures be returned. Let those who were dispossessed reclaim their customary possessions. Let the records be wiped clean and the Jubilee declared throughout the lands, as it always was. Let those who are enslaved by debt be made free. Let those who are brought low by financial burden have the weight lifted from them. Let the power vested in government to create money be used for the benefit of all the people, and not just the favoured few.

Money Transformation Day of Ritual – part I

Er erwähnt Michael Hudson, der hier (auf englisch) über die Ursachen von Ungleichheit im 21. Jahrhundert spricht:

Und so nebenbei erfahre ich beim Lesen, dass es ein diskordisches Festival 23 gibt, auf dem sie dieses Jahr rituell Geld verbrannt haben:

Lies auf jeden Fall die Geschichte der rituellen Geldverbrennung beim Festival 23! Und erinnere dich dabei an das 5. Gebot des Diskordianismus.

Jonathan Harris, der das Ganze organisiert hat, verbrennt seit 2007 jeden 23. Oktober rituell Geld und schreibt darüber in seinem Blog.

Diese Idee dahinter spricht mich besonders an:

Money burning is equivalent to pure forgiving because it is ‘giving without receiving’. Pure forgiveness requires that we forgive the unforgivable.

Sie haben sich an berühmte Vorgänger angelehnt, nämlich The KLF, die am 23. (natürlich) August 1994 Eine Million britische Pfund verbrannt haben!!!

John Higgs, der ein Buch über diese KLF-Aktion geschrieben hat, listet in seinem Blog Ten Reasons For Burning Money auf.

Money Transformation Day of Ritual – Part II

Eingeleitet von einem wunderbaren Zitat von William Blake:

Do what you will this life’s a fiction, And is made up of contradiction.

Wer sich dazu aufgerufen fühlt, möge die Sigille “Der Gleichmacher” auf Geldscheinen benutzen; ich werde das auf jeden Fall tun. Und meine erste rituelle Geldverbrennung ist beschlossene Sache. Die Details dafür müssen noch reifen. Ich denke auch schon über sexuelle monetäre Magie nach, siehe auch die drei großen Tabus Sex, Geld und Tod.

Ich bin zutiefst beeindruckt und dankbar für das, was meine Brüder und Schwestern in England auf die Beine gestellt haben.

All Hail The Staff!

Übrigens benutze ich ganz bewusst die Formulierung Monetäre Magie, um sie von der Geldmagie à la Ralph Tegtmeier zu unterscheiden, die sich nur um die kleinen egozentrischen Geldwünsche dreht.

Zu diesem Beitrag lasse ich mal wieder dem Känguru das letzte Wort:

Nachtrag: Money Transformation Day of Ritual – Part III

The processes by which money can be called into being and then stored and accumulated, is itself a form of magic. It is invisible, conceptual, with so little existence on the physical plain as to appear almost non-existent. Most of the money is the world is stored as numbers in computers, nothing more, electronic blips on a computer screen, and it is only our collective confidence in the system that maintains it. It is belief, in other words, faith: the same means by which religious systems are kept functioning; and just as religion needs its theologians to help justify its claims, so the money-god needs economists.

Religion is something that exists mainly in people’s heads, as does money. As does magic too, of course.

All of them are deeply tied into the human imagination. But whereas money and God appear to exist outside of us, as forces that own and control us, magic is the means by which we can reclaim imagination for ourselves.

Magic is the application of practical imagination in the world.

It is the collective conjuring up of forces that, instead of controlling us, we can control.

Nachtrag vom 20.11.: Money Transformation Day of Ritual – Part IV

He reminded us that we are all implicated in the money process, that: ‘We all have our stake in the sum of human misery…’ It’s no good finger-wagging at the rich as this would tend to entrench them in their position. We all have to acknowledge the part we play. We all covet the products of the system. We all have mobile phones and computers. We are all guilty and we all need to be forgiven. We are all victims and we all need to be rescued. We are all slaves and we all need to be redeemed.

Und dann noch eine wesentliche Bemerkung von King Arthur:

King Arthur made a very telling point about the space we were currently occupying. He said it always got on his nerves when pagans complained about Christians taking over what had previously been pagan sites. He said, “What is it about the words ‘Genius Loci’ they don’t understand? It means ‘spirit of place’. The spirit of the place is still here no matter what religion is being practised.”

Nachtrag vom 23. (sic!) 11.: Money Transformation Day of Ritual – Part V (sic!)

Let’s face it: it is all symbolic.

Legal authority, power, status, wealth, democracy, the Crown: all of these are expressed in symbolic language.

And money too: those intricately designed notes we carry around with us, with the Queen’s head on one side and national folk heroes on the other; with the “promise to pay the bearer on demand”, which, when you put it into practice, means merely swapping one identical note for another.

You can’t get more deeply symbolic than money: a note which symbolises itself.

What Arthur does is to remind us that all real authority comes from ourselves.

Arthur has elaborated his own status into a recognisable system, a set of symbols by which we know him. But we don’t have to wear a white robe and a crown to be known and recognised for who we are; we simply have to know in ourselves that everything claiming authority over us is symbolic and create our own symbols in return.

And, this, of course, is what we’ve been up to all day. We’ve been addressing the world of money and finance with the symbols of our own creative power.

This is what magic is all about.

Nachtrag vom 30.11.: Das US-Militär hat The KLF beim Rückzug aus Vietnam noch getoppt:

An Embassy official said that more than five million dollars were being burned.

Meine Fresse! Und das war 1975, also mit entsprechender Kaufkraft. Originalquelle: John Pilger.

Nachtrag vom 02.09.2017: Ich bin gerade völlig geflasht vom Money Burner’s Manual.